Anchorage Community Works

Make Art. Make Music. Make Community.


Anchorage Community Works is a hub for creative collaboration in Anchorage.

Our mission is to provide the space for you to  to make music, make art or simply make/join a community.

ACW is a Do-It-Yourself arts and culture hub that is all about encouraging people to be creative and have fun.

We’re always growing and changing because of the new people who get involved. That means you!



The Board

This isn’t our first time bringing a community together. Our founders are experienced in throwing concerts, growing communities, creating art and educating others.

We are a nonprofit organization that goes by the name Trailer Art Center. Continuing the good work that MTS Gallery started years ago, we are working hard to improve the arts and business communities of Anchorage.

The founders and current board of directors of the Trailer Art Center are Brooklyn Baggett, Cody Augdahl and Craig Updegrove. We are supported by a wonderful advisory board of seasoned artists, performers, business owners and entrepreneurs. Learn more about the Board below.

Cody Augdahl, President


Cody is a lifelong Alaskan who believes in community-based approaches. Cody earned his undergraduate degree at University of Alaska Anchorage and studied medicine at the University of Washington. During college, Cody volunteered teaching science in low-income elementary schools, received a National Discovery Award for human anatomical dissection, and helped form the university bicycle club that eventually became “Off the Chain” bicycle cooperative. Cody now works at the Norton Sound Regional Hospital in Nome with the ultimate goal of working in community health to advocate for people and help them care for themselves and their resources.

Craig Updegrove, Vice President


Craig is a graphic designer, printmaker and sculptor currently working as Art Director for Bear/Moose’s/Broken Tooth. He has been participating in the Anchorage art community since 2006, is a former member of the Rabbit Rabbit community print shop, and has been a printmaking instructor at the Anchorage Museum since 2010.

Craig has created two large scale public art projects, a exterior 125-foot mural that incorporates students’ writing in Bethel, Alaska and a kinetic sculpture in Mountain View that represents the ever-changing qualities of the community it resides in. Craig was formerly part of three international shows that used the medium of printmaking as a cultural exchange with Cuba, Iran and Russia and was published in Gigposters Volume II, featuring 101 designers from around the world.

Ellie Gunn, Secretary

Raised in Texas with a bachelors degree in business administration with a focus on marketing, Ellie served as an officer in the Coast Guard, assisting in the recovery of the New York City port immediately following Hurricane Sandy and being a founding member of the Women’s Initiative Network (WIN), a support and mentoring network for women in the Coast Guard in the northern New England region. During her time in Alaska, Ellie has worked and volunteered with several non-profits, always seeking opportunities to contribute to her interests in the arts, women’s empowerment and renewable energy.



Will Dowd

Will is an artist and designer with interest in animation, illustration, graphic design, and printmaking. His works focus on changing art technology and the perceptions of fine art and low art. Will loves cartoons just as much as Abstract Expressionism and works in a variety of two-dimensional and digital media. A belief in the value of the arts for personal and community growth motivated him to get involved in Anchorage Community Works, which he sees as a place to share space, ideas, and community. He will teach printmaking classes and provide assistance and training to members.


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